The Agora is an Australian magazine for readers everywhere. The Agora is dedicated to the discussion of 20th Century ceramics. It is written to be of long term relevance.

The magazine aims to provide readers with evidence-based information about the works of major ceramic manufacturers including Wilkinson/Royal Staffordshire/Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, Noritake and others. The Agora is available as part of premium membership of the Clarice Cliff Collectors' Club - contact details on the Links page.

Books - Ordering details for "Comprehensively Clarice Cliff: An Atlas of Over 2,000 Patterns, Shapes and Backstamps" by Greg Slater and Jonathan Brough, and "Clarice Cliff for Collectors" by Greg Slater.

Articles are illustrated, descriptive in nature and, where possible, contain excerpts from primary sources such as pattern books and other factory archives. Reviews, new books and items of general interest are included.

We hope that this information will not only help collectors to make informed choices about their acquisitions but also be of interest to the non-collector who is interested in ceramics of the last century..